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How to relief from Knee Pain || Acupressure Points For Joint Pain Treatment

How to relief from Knee Pain || Acupressure Points For Joint Pain Treatment

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Acupressure point massage is an old system that has been utilized for cure and avoidance of practically every ailment and joint torment. There are a few pressure point massage focuses for knee torment which are additionally great and compelling solution for the torment caused in knees. Be it an adolescent or an old individual, knee agony can transpire. One noteworthy reason of Knee Pain is the present quick life where individuals are excessively caught up with, making it impossible to have time for themselves. The seriousness of knee torment may change from individual to individual contingent upon the reason for the issue. It might be found either on the knee top (in the front territory) or in the region behind knees. Manifestations that may go with knee torment include:

  • Swelling along with stiffness in the knee
  • Redness on the affected area
  • Crunching or popping noises while moving
  • Inability to fully extend the knee or the leg
  • Unable to bear weight

Following are the most effective acupressure points for knee pain:

  • Three Mile Point
The three mile point may be found two to four inches below the kneecap and one centimetre away from the shinbone. Applying pressure on this point with the index and middle finger for five minutes will give strength to the whole body. It will provide relief from knee pain in a very short span of time.
  • Calf’s Nose Point
The calf nose acupressure point for knee pain is useful for getting relief in stiffness in the Knee. This point is located at outer side portion of the Knee Cap on both the legs. Work on this area with your fingers by applying same pressure all over and moving the fingers in circular motion.
  • Nourishing Valley Point
Nourishing Valley Point is a very effective acupressure point for Knee Pain. It is located exactly on backside of the Kneecap (at inner edge of the Knee Crease). You can find the exact place of Nourishing Valley Point in the hollow between tendons. This reflex point will help you get rid of knee pain as well as abdominal pain and genital disorders gradually. To apply acupressure points for knee, put your fingers on the Nourishing Valley Point with a firm pressure. Move the fingers up and down in a continuous manner with regular pressure to stimulate the point. Massage the point five to six minutes on both the legs. Repeat the same process everyday to get better and faster results. 
  • Sunny Side of Mountain Point
Sunny Side of Mountain Point Acupressure point for knee pain is most effective when the Knee Pain is high. This Acupressure points for Knee Pain can be used to get quick relief. It is situated below the Kneecap and on frontal head of the shinbone. Massage the point on regular basis to see the results.
  • Shady Side of Mountain Point
Shady Side of Mountain Acupressure Point for knee pain is useful to heal many problems. The point can be spotted on below down of the Kneecap. It is exactly located inside the leg, below the bulge  and on head of the shinbone. You can reach to the Shady Side of Mountain Point by seeing the picture given below.
  • Commanding Activity Point
Commanding Activity Acupressure Point for knee pain is helpful in healing stiffness of Knee. It is located on the backside of your Kneecap. Applying pressure on this point with thumb or index finger gives relief in knee pain. Massage this point for at least five to seven minutes at a time.
The knee torment might be perpetual or brief one. A brief knee agony might be an aftereffect of damage or mischance or because of tumbling down amid running or running. There are a few solutions for knee torment in the restorative science like treatments, prescriptions and back rub creams and so on to diminish the Knee Pain. Be that as it may, utilization of Acupressure Points for Knee Pain is the best at any point referred to system as it has "Zero" Side Effects. The allopathic drugs of Knee Pain are by and large agony executioners that dependably have some reactions to your body. Along these lines, it is constantly advantageous to apply Acupressure Points for Knee Pain to get moment and long haul alleviation. The Knee Pain appears to be normal in starting, yet later as it increments with time, it demonstrates clutters like aggravation or swelling around the Knee. In this way, it is gainful to regard the issue when it experiences. Pressure point massage is a strategy to apply knead at a few focuses with hands keeping in mind the end goal to diminish any malady in human body. The pressure point massage focuses for knee torment are situated on the legs and also on the palms. The issue of knee agony might be so extreme for few individuals that they think that its hard to play out their every day exercises also.


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