Acupressure Point for Headache and Migraine

Acupressure Point for Headache and Migraine

Acupressure Points for Migraine :-  Migraine headache can be a life long condition for some people. Acupressure Therapy is the best ancient system for healing Mind, Body and Spirit which instant gives results in treating Migraine headache though medication is too expensive for life long with little relief with side effects. But Acupressure is the best treatment for Migraine headache. The benefits are immense. Working on points can help you to get miraculous results. See how often pressing these points with in few minutes you can getpain relief, but for longer and effective results,  work acupressure with magnets do wonder Acupressure for Migraine headache.
It has no side effects and no expense of medicine.

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Reasons for Migraine headache
Migraine headache is seems due to imbalance of brain chemical known as  serotonin.  There are so many  other reasons of  Migraine headache some are excessive bright light, certain odour, stress, poor eating habbits, eyes weakness, lack of omega3, low rate of sleep, loud noise, acidity , low blood sugar, intense physical activity, environment change metro lifestyle  etc.
Acupressure is the best therapy for Migraine headache
Pressing or gives healing to particular points that passes the blockage of particular meridian or point in the form of micro crystals in the body. Energy flows freely and positively so benefit occurs naturally. So Acupressure generates positive flow of Chi or life force through the body which helps to improve the fast relief for  Migraine headache
Where to stimulate or  give the pressure?
Place your thumb underneath the base of the skull on either side of the spinal coloumn. Tilt your head back slightly and press upward for two minuted while breathing deeply.

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