Best Top 8 Acupresure Points for Cold,Flu,Fever with Home Remedies

Pressure point massage Points is the substitute treatment for normal Cold and Flu. With help of Acupressure Points for Cold, Flu and Fever, we can show signs of improvement and speedier alleviation. Cool regularly assaults on human body yet it can't succeed in light of body's Resistance control. Be that as it may, when the atmosphere has low dampness and the body has less Resistance control, the Cold goes into our body. As the Resistance force of the body is lower, the Cold spreads into body and demonstrates its side effects.

Pressure point massage is deductively demonstrated treatment that can mend any infection quicker and without symptoms. The Cold emerges because of infections that enter our body when resistance power is low. For the most part, we don't consider the Cold truly and we let go and disregard it. We trust that the Cold is extremely normal infection and it will be over inside four-five days regardless of the possibility that we don't take solutions. This is the huge oversight we frequently do. We simply don't have the possibility that our body may deteriorate condition by contaminations of different sicknesses after we get Cold.

There are a few makes that lead us Cold. The Cold happens in human body in light of such a variety of infections. In any case, the most widely recognized infection that causes Cold is Rhinovirus. At the point when the infection of Cold goes into the body, the side effects of the Cold turn out as Sneezing, Sore Throat, Runny Nose, Nasal Congestion, Blocked Nose, Watery Eyes, Headache, Body throb, Weakness, Coughing, and so on. At the point when a man is experiencing the Cold, the safe arrangement of his/her body debilitates. The side effects of the Cold when accompanied Fever, then it get to be Flu.

Acupressure Points for Cold, Flu and Fever Relief:

Pressure point massage Points for Cold, Flu, and Fever chips away at lessening the infection and fortifying the insusceptible arrangement of body. Pressure point massage gives speedier and better help in Cold and Flu with no symptom. That is the reason the Acupressure is most prudent treatment to recuperate/cure the Cold, Flu and Fever. Pressure point massage Points for Cold and Flu can be depicted as takes after:

  • Drilling Bamboo Point
  • Facial Beauty Point
  • Large Intestine 4 Point / Hand Valley Point
  • Large Intestine 11 Point / Crooked Pond Point
  • Large Intestine 20 Point / Nostril Points
  • Bearing Support Point
  • Elegant Mansion Point
  • Third Eye Point
The Acupressure Points for Cold, Fever and Flu are very effective to get rid of Cold and Flu. Acupressure not only reduces the impact of Cold and Flu but also encourage the body to fight with Cold and Flu. If you apply the Acupressure Points for Cold, Flu and Fever on a regular basis, you will be cured soon and the Acupressure will boost your body’s Resistance power to fight with Cold in future.

Acupressure for Cold, Flu and Fever

Drilling Bamboo Point
The Drilling Bamboo Point is useful to relieve the Cold. The Drilling Bamboo Point is situated at notch of Eye Sockets near the Bridge of the Nose. You can find the Acupressure Drilling Bamboo Point at the spot (area) where the ridge of the Eyebrows meet up the Bridge of the Nose. Find out Drilling Bamboo Point as displayed in picture above. Apply light pressure on Acupressure Drilling Bamboo Point for three to four minutes on a regular basis. Applying pressure on Drilling Bamboo Point will be helpful to heal Cold, Sinus Congestion, ache in front head and exhausted eyes.

Facial Beauty Point
The Facial Beauty Point is very helpful to get relief from Stuffy Nose and Eye Burning. The Facial Beauty Point is located at base of the Cheekbone. You can find the Acupressure Facial Beauty Point at the foundation of Cheekbone and exact underneath of the pupil. Find the Facial Beauty Point same as displayed in picture above. Apply mild pressure on Acupressure Facial Beauty Point on day to day basis. Massaging the Facial Beauty Point will be beneficial in healing Eye Burning, Eye exhaustion, heaviness in Eyes, Stuffy Nose and Head Congestion.

Large Intestine 4 Point

The Large Intestine 4 Point is very common pressure point and is useful for relieving the Cold and Flu. The Large Intestine 4 Point is also known as Hand Valley Point and it is situated in between the Thumb and the Index Finger. You can find the Acupressure Large Intestine 4 Point on the back of the Hand, in the valley between Index Finger and Thumb. Find the Hand Valley Point (LI 4) as shown in the picture above. Apply pressure on Large Intestine 4 Point by using your other hand’s thumb with tender pressure. Applying pressure on the Large Intestine 4 Point will be helpful to get relief in Cold, Headache, Constipation, Head Jamming and Flu.

Elegant Mansion Point

The Elegant Mansion Point is very effective to heal breathing problems. The Elegant Mansion Point is situated on the hollow, underneath of Collarbone and next the breastbone. The exact spot of Elegant Mansion Point (K 27) is located on both sides of Spine as displayed in the picture above. As you find the acupressure point, apply slight pressure on Elegant Mansion Point regularly to get relief in breathing problem, Coughing, Sore Throat and Chest Congestion.

Acupressure Points for Cold, Flu and Fever

The Acupressure Points for Cold, Flu and Fever Relief mentioned above are best of our knowledge and research. Please do not apply the Acupressure Points if you have not learned the applying technique and amount of pressure. In Acupressure therapy applying method for pressure and level of pressure are very important. Kindly consult an Acupressure Expert/Doctor before applying the Acupressure Points for Cold, Flu and Fever on anyone or yourself.


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